UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2016

UC RUSAL constantly goes to great lengths to reduce its impact on the atmosphere and air in the areas where it operates more
Health and safety
The Company’s main health and safety management goal is zero injuries, no accidents and no fires. more

About this Report

UC RUSAL constantly seeks to improve its internal processes and minimise the negative impact of its operations. This Report is intended to present the Company’s operations, key events in the reporting period, an analysis of results achieved and the Company’s approach to management. Since 2004 UC RUSAL has released annual sustainability reports (except for the period 2009–2010, when one report covered the results for two years at once).

When determining the content of this Report, the Company focused on GRI principles and guidelines. UC RUSAL considered the topics and issues disclosed within the framework of the Report to be material from the perspective of their impact on the activities of the Company, the environment, and stakeholders.


Facts and numbers

$13.8 million for social investment
95% of RUSAL's capacities is baked with carbon-free energy sources 
61 088 total number of RUSAL employees in 2016