UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2016

Investments in environmental protection

Investments in environmental protection

In 2016, UC RUSAL continued to invest in environmental activities in accordance with the strategic objectives defined by the Company's environmental policy. The total amount spent on scheduled environmental activities exceeded USD 120 mln., which is by 18% higher than the previous year's level.

In general, the pattern of allocation of funds to environmental protection areas remained unchanged. The largest share still includes expenditures on measures for waste management and air protection, the shares of which in 2016 amounted respectively 37% ($ 44.4 million) and 39% ($ 46.2 million), respectively. The costs of waste management decreased from 47% ($ 48.4 million) in 2015 to 37% ($ 44.4 million) in 2016, while the share of expenses for the land restoration raised up to 9% ($ 11.1 million)G4-ЕN31

Structure of expenses for environmental activities in 2016, %

Among the most large-scale environmental projects of the reporting period is the continued retrofitting of aluminium smelters, replacement and improvement of gas treatment equipment, construction and reconstruction of red mud disposal areas.