UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2015

Investments in environmental protection

Investments in Environmental Protection

In 2015 UC RUSAL continued to invest in environmental protection measures in accordance with its strategic goals determined by the Company’s Environmental Policy.

The total amount of funds spent on environmental protection measures was equal to USD 101.4 million, which is only by 2.9% less than the previous year’s amount.

Expenses on environmental protection measures, USD million G4-ЕN31

Structure of environmental protection activity costs in 2015, %



The structure of the allocation of funds by areas of environmental protection activity was left unchanged as a whole. The highest proportions of funds was allocated to the handling of waste and protection of the atmosphere air: 48% and 38%, respectively.

Major environmental protection projects during the reporting year included the continuing upgrade of aluminium smelters, replacement and upgrade of gas purification units, and the construction and reconstruction of sludge collectors.

Environmental pollution payments, USD million G4-ЕN29

In 2015 the environmental pollution payments were reduced by 42% as compared to the previous year and totalled USD 10.7 million, which is mainly due to the Russian ruble denomination. The structure of environmental pollution payments remained the same: payments for atmospheric emissions accounted for the largest share (48%), while payments for waste disposal and the discharge of pollutants into water bodies accounted for 49% and 3%, respectively.