UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2016


Management approach

The social investment of UC RUSAL in Russia and abroad is aimed at improving the quality of life of the residents in the territories of its operation and strengthening of the social initiative. Local community support programmes are being implemented in all territories of the Company's operation. G4-SO1

The management of social investment is based on the following principles: long-term objectives, partnership with stakeholders, professional development and training of professionals and programme participants. The following areas of social investment in Russia and abroad are a higher priority for the Company: G4-ЕС8, HKEx Appendix 27 KPI B8.1

           social infrastructure and the urban environment;


           sports and healthy lifestyle;

           corporate and city-wide volunteering;

           social entrepreneurship; and

           assistance to vulnerable groups.

Stakeholders (local authorities, public and other organisations, residents of cities and towns, local businesses, etc.) are equal participants in the social programmes of UC RUSAL, and each has mechanisms to take into account the opinions of the target audiences and to obtain feedback. The implementation of social investment programmes in Russia and abroad takes into account the cultural, national and other characteristics of local communities.