UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2015

Implementation of Social Programs in Russia

Implementation of Social Programs in Russia

RUSAL Territory

RUSAL Territory is one of the Company’s most long-term and large-scale programs in terms of coverage area of presence and scope of financing. Its goal is to make the life of people more comfortable and full by creating opportunities for creative and social initiatives. During an earlier period of the programme, it was repaired / reworked and equipped with modern devices and facilities.

During 2015, the program changed significantly: the focus shifted to the integrated development of the urban environment, taking into account the Company's objectives and strategies for social and economic development of the cities where the Company has a presence. To this end, it opened new competitive categories, which allowed the enrichment of the composition of participants (architects, urbanists and designers, architectural firms and others)

·         City of the Future – creation of the modern architectural, public and cultural urban space;

·         City of Ideas – development of the local territories by residents, in which they spend most of the time (yards, school grounds, parks and gardens);

·         The Living City – organization of city cultural events within the new format.

To ensure the successful start of the new format of the programme, five cities organized Forums of Regional Development Ideas, which were attended by over 800 residents, some of which later became participants of the competition. The Forum was a platform for exchanging and testing ideas, collective creativity and designing. Later, the participants were assisted in finalization of their project ideas in order to apply for funding.

The applications put forward in the competition were subject to on-line voting, in which 19 thousand people participated. For the first time, 25 out of the projects submitted were published on the crowdfunding platform Planeta.ru – which attracted RUB 122 thousand as co-financing from their potential customers and colleagues, and the noncommercial organizations (NCO) acquired useful experience in using the new financing tool for their programs. The Programme Participants Club will soon be soon incorporated in order to support the constant interaction between winners of competitions.

The new format has revealed one common problem uniting small cities – absence of strategic plans for development. In 2015, following UC RUSAL’s initiative and in cooperation with the Administration of the City of Achinsk and the Institute of Territorial Planning URBANIKA, an urban development strategy has been developed and adopted. It is anticipated that strategy should become a platform for positive urban changes which unites the efforts of business, authorities, noncommercial organizations and residents to promote city development.

Helping is Easy

The winner in the Best Programme (Projects) category, promoting the development of volunteering in Russia, competition "Leaders in Corporate Philanthropy – 2015" (Donors Forum)
The Programme component - The New Year Charity Marathon "In Miracles We Believe, Miracles We Do!" – the winner in "Best programme (projects), accomplished in partnership with other business" category, competition "Leaders in Corporate Philanthropy – 2015" (Donors Forum)
– the winner in "Joint project of Volunteers from different companies" category of the All-Russian competition of projects  in the sphere of corporate volunteering "Champions of Kindness ".
Helping is Easy is a program equally well-known within different regions of Russia. The program obtained and continues to obtain many awards in various competitions. It was created specifically to provide Company employees and their family members with an opportunity to become involved in volunteering activities, to render social support. Content of the programme in 2015 did not change significantly, but the activities were transferred to a competitive format.

Among the competition winners are infrastructure projects which promote volunteering ideas and best practice:

·         Volunteering School (training programs, master classes and volunteering practices);

·         Web site "Helping is Easy" (http://pomogat-prosto.ru ).

Major events of the program, such as the New Year Marathon and the Yenisei Day, attract many partners who were keen to engage in volunteer and charitable activities.

The New Year Marathon "In Miracles We Believe, Miracles We Do!" was organized in 23 cities in 2015. The territory of the marathon was enlarged due to the participation of "Basic Element" Group of companies. The number of volunteers participating in the marathon has grown up to 5,000. They donated 2,100 New Year's gifts for children. Moreover, the events were organized to assist social institutions and noncommercial organizations. The organizing committees who maintain enthusiasm in the territories, include representatives from local authorities, the business sector and noncommercial organizations.

One of the operational projects within the programme was the assistance to victims of fires in Khakassia. The charitable action raised RUB 11.9 from employees of RUSAL with that amount doubled by the Company. More than 150 volunteers rendered assistance to the fire victims.

In 2015, the National Council on Corporate Volunteering (http://www.nccv.ru ) was created by UC RUSAL and a number of partners. This significant event is aimed at uniting efforts of Russian companies and creating opportunities to spread corporate volunteering best practices throughout the country, which is important in the current economically unstable conditions. Under the guidance of the Council, the environmental conference and the international forum on corporate volunteering were organized in Russia and the research in the area of corporate volunteering status in Russia has started.

Indicators of the Helping is Easy Programme


Number of volunteers

Number of events held

Number of direct beneficiaries

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship has become an innovative direction of activity in Russia, a specific economic niche that can create new jobs and contribute to the diversification of social services available to people. This activity expands the opportunities for self-engagement of residents and helps to solve social problems in a particular area.

The purpose of the programme is to create conditions for development of entrepreneurship in the social sphere. The program components are as follows:

·         studying at the School of Social Entrepreneurship (SSE);

·         rendering assistance to less experiences entrepreneurs (methodical, personnel, legal, organizational and consulting);

·         raising the availability of financial resources through an annual competition of interest-free loans;

·         School of Social Entrepreneurship was the winner of the  contest,  Fund of Regional Social Programs "Our Future" promoting the services of social entrepreneurs to improve their demand on the part of state and municipal authorities and other organizations working in a territory.

In 2015, the School of Social Entrepreneurship was attended by 172 people, out of which 11 have started new social business projects. Graduates of 2013–2014 continued their work on 31 projects. Based on three training cycles in 2015, the School released the book "Social entrepreneurship or how to do business with a soul".

More than 40 organizations are partners of the programme, including economic subdivisions of governmental bodies and agencies of cities and regions, centers of business support and development, regional business associations, banks and employment centers.

In 2015 RUSAL became a member of the international programme Social Impact Award (http://socialimpactaward.ru), intended to support and popularize social entrepreneurship among young people. The program is operating in 12 countries of Europe and Russia. 35 people from different cities in Russia, including Moscow, took part in it. The two projects prepared by young social entrepreneurs from Krasnoyarsk, reached the final, one of them won the Russian stage of the competition and received funds for the implementation of his project.

The operating CISS Residents Club holds meetings and consultation for program participants to discuss the problems less experienced entrepreneurs may have. The club also serves as a tool to attract into the programme mentors, successful businessmen and other stakeholders that can assist in the development of social entrepreneurship in the country.

SSE participants

Formula of the Future

This programme is designed for young people and is aimed at supporting creative, professional and social initiatives, as well as solving the problems of employment and professional identity.

In the previous period the key participants of the programme were youth councils and associations, working at RUSAL’s enterprises. Modernization was characterized by the transition from the internal corporate format to a citywide format: young residents of cities and towns can participate in the competitions. The competition support the initiatives of young people in the sphere of scientific and technical creativity.

Plans for 2016

In 2016, the Company plans to continue modernization of social programs, focusing its activities on the following:

·         development of the strategy and a plan of action on organizational development of the Fund CSP, training of employees;

·         further developing expertise of the projects submitted to the RUSAL Territory competition; promotion of the programme among the Company’s employees;

·         rolling out of the Helping is Easy programme to other regions. Official presentation of the research results of corporate volunteering in Russia, raising the number of Company employees’ who participate in projects;

·         scaling up "School of Social Entrepreneurship" to the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Territorial Development (in partnership with the Siberian Federal University, the Russian State Social University and the Administration of Krasnoyarsk territory). Obtaining a license for educational activities by the CISS. Continuation of the Social Impact Award programme;

·         development of a new theme for the grant competition and program format "Formula of the Future", enlarging the range of target groups which may participate in competitions.

·         development and implementation of the training program for competition participants, forming methodological materials. Development of a systematic approach to the work with competition winners: sharing experience, creating teams and grantees club and other forms of interaction.