UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2015

Implementation of Social Programs Abroad

Implementation of Social Programs Abroad

Throughout the entire history of its activities in foreign countries, UC RUSAL has been investing in the development of local communities, thus helping to improve the quality of health care and education systems, as well as the social sphere. By making social investments, the Company returns to the community a part of the income which it obtains from its production. Some of the projects accomplished in 2015 in four countries are described below. G4-ЕС8


In Jamaica, UC RUSAL (acting via WINDALKO) finances a large number of projects aimed at harmonizing relations with local communities. The projects are accomplished in cooperation with various stakeholders: councils of communities, associations of citizens, development agencies, youth clubs, noncommercial and governmental organizations (schools, hospitals and municipal establishments).

In 2015, the Company implemented projects in the sphere of education, sports, health care, agriculture, environmental protection, safety improvement and development of local communities.

Agriculture and ecology G4-ЕС8



Restoration of forests

The project is intended to restore the forests which were damaged in the course of mining operations of the Company.

Waste management

This project can have a remarkable social, environmental and economic effect. WINDALKO participates in it together with the Bauxite Institute of Jamaica. The project will demonstrate the possibilities of beneficial use of waste from bauxite extraction in mines as the material to build water collectors and other facilities at the local farmers' fields. This material has already been used during the construction of a water-collecting pond, bath, shed and warehouse.

Use of solar energy

An innovative solution has been developed for building an irrigation system running on solar energy. After completion of the construction, 40 farmers from Saint Ann and Kirkvine will be able to use it.

Assistance to farmers

Assistance was rendered to beekeepers from the Parish of St. Catherine in order to achieve a more stable production of honey.


The projects in this area help to establish good relationships with the educational establishments and prove the Company’s commitment to support future generations.



Scholarship for young people

Local young people are given the opportunity to receive grants and scholarships to study at local and foreign universities. In 2015, 50 scholarships were granted with financial coverage, out of which 13 scholarships were given to study at the Siberian Federal University in engineering specialties.

Young people who decided to continue their studies at local schools and become doctors, teachers, social workers, computer specialists, etc. Students of primary and secondary schools are also granted scholarships which help them to continue their studies and not to leave schools; the work is being done in cooperation with community councils.




Competitions for children

Ewarton organized cricket matches for children under 12 years old, and in neighborhood of Esquivel Shipping Port, football matches for children of adjacent areas were held.

Both competitions were preceded by teaching the rules of the game and a series of training sessions, thus helping to develop skills for social and emotional interaction.

Teachers contest

The event ,which was also supported in 2015 was the Teachers track-and-field competition, in which all schools located near the bauxite mines took part.

Young talents

The Company rendered personal assistance to a talented boy who took 8th place (out of 30) at the Chess Youth Festival of the Central American and Caribbean Region - the age group was under 12.




Safe conduct

In 2015, the Creative Hearts Extravaganza project was launched, within the context of which the state authorities and noncommercial organizations developed a campaign for children’s safe conduct. This campaign was held in 18 schools for 500 children.

Road safety

This informational campaign has been organized for several years and is aimed at preventing possible accidents on the railways, with the participation of children. In 2015, the campaign programme was renewed. Particularly, schools participated in the competition which taught the rules of safe behavior and the best participants received grants for their development.


In Guinea, UC RUSAL is a large employer and with a significant impact on social life of the country.

Combating the Ebola virus G4-ЕС7

In 2015, the Company made a significant contribution to combating the Ebola virus and preventing its further spread, having built the Center for microbiological research and treatment of epidemic diseases (Centre de recherche en Epidémiologie-Microbiologie & Soins) in the Kindia region. The center specializes in researching infectious and especially dangerous diseases, as well as their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Today it is one of the most modern medical institutions, effectively fighting acute viral diseases in West Africa.

The Center includes infectious and provisional hospitals, a mobile laboratory and the department for blood and plasma transfusion. At the initial stage, the Center will perform the function of the hospital for the treatment of patients with the Ebola virus. The investments in the construction of the epidemiological center were more than USD 10 million.



Life support facilities G4-ЕС7

In 2015, four water wells were constructed in Mambia and Frigiagbe, which supported agricultural enterprises working in that area.

The town of Fria was provided with drinking water and electricity.

Education G4-ЕС7

The construction and equipment of the school in Missira (Balaya) was completed. Schools in Mambia, Debele and Nelson Mandela were provided with school supplies.


RUSAL’s alumina refinery Aughinish is located on in a rural part of Ireland. Nearby, are several small towns, whose residents are to a certain extent connected with the extraction of bauxite. The Company strives to maintain good relations with the residents based on respect and ethics. It implements projects which are mainly aimed at solving local problems, as well as some strategic regional initiatives.



The Samaritans

The Company organizes 24 hours emotional support to people suffering from severe stress, loss or grief. Such kind of support is often a key factor keeping a person from fatal actions.

In March 2015, a regional conference was organized in the city of Limerick with the Company’s support. More than 230 volunteers who work in the sphere of emotional care for people attended the conference,. The theme of the conference was "The ability to listen". Participants attended seminars and listened to speeches by leading specialists in this field, among them was the employee of the refinery, Marid Sweeny, who took an active part in the implementation of this project.

Modern Arts


The small town Askerton is located closest to the refinery. It is the oldest town in County Limerick.

Since 2006 with the Company’s support, the town organizes each year the festival "Welcome to the Next-Door Festival!". July 2015 was no exception. During the Festival, Asketon attracts many artists from County Limerick and other countries, who work directly in the town and its surroundings. The program includes many different events, which are open to all. One of the day’s is dedicated to an exhibition of the works created during the festival. In 2015, due to proactive organizational work of the commission, more than 70 works of art were sold, which was an appreciable support for artists.

Events support

In 2015, the Company sponsored an air show and a boat racing [event] "Mermaid" which were held near the village of Foynes.


During the company’s time of working in Guyana, UC RUSAL (within the framework of joint enterprise with the government of Guyana, BCGI, Bauxite Company of Guyana) contributes to the development of culture and sports, builds socially significant infrastructural projects, participates in the construction of roads and the establishment of the television broadcasting infrastructure.

The aluminium smelter is located in the heart of the country, in an area where the indigenous people, the American Indians live. The Company has entered into the long-term contract with the local tribes for the lease of land and provides social assistance every year.



Support of indigenous people

In 2015, two deep water wells were constructed for residents of the Hururu village. With the Company’s support a Month of Cultural Heritage for Indigenous People and charity events for high school students was organized

A tractor was donated to the Kwakwani village council to carry out municipal works, including maintenance of sanitary conditions.


The Company provides regular financial support for the kindergarten and teachers of the Aroyama primary school, which is attended by children of local employees and pupils from neighboring settlements.

Development of mass sports

The Company is a permanent sponsor of sports events, for example, Mini-Olympics and football competitions, inviting teams of neighboring settlements. Men's and women's football teams were presented with fitness uniforms, prize-winners received gifts.

Urban development G4-ЕС7

In the city of Mapletown where the employees of the smelter reside, the Company helps the local administration in repairing works and construction of houses and water supply systems, garbage removal, library maintenance.