UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2016

Implementation of Social Programs Abroad

Social investments abroad

Throughout the history of operation of UC RUSAL in foreign countries, the Company invested in community development, helped to improve the quality of healthcare and education systems as well as social services. Through social investment, the Company returns to society some of the revenues it receives from production. Some of the projects implemented in 2016 in the four countries are presented below. G4-ЕС8


In Jamaica, UC RUSAL (through WINDALCO) funds a large number of projects aimed at developing the potential of local people, especially young people, and improving their living conditions.




Youth scholarships and grants

Local youth is given the opportunity to receive grants and scholarships to study at local and foreign universities. In 2016, scholarships were awarded to five senior students of the local University of Technology. Support was provided to complete the research diploma project and to pay for the last year of university studies. Another 35 students received grants and scholarships to study at various higher educational institutions of the island.

29 students who were studying at the Siberian Federal University and the People's Friendship University of Russia in Russia continued to receive support.

Labour Day at schools

To celebrate Labour Day, the Company implemented a project to extend and restore the Basic School of Mount Zion in the community of Orangefield, located near the plant. The project included the increase in the area of the building and roof repair. As a result, the school was brought into line with the standards of the Early Childhood Commission.

In other communities, Labour Day events were also held: in one of the communities, the fire department was painted and repaired, in others schools and kindergartens, township buildings were repaired.

Back to school

The Back to School project targets youths of schools from communities near the plant (Evarton). Assistance is provided to adolescents in the acquisition of teaching aids, advice to general practitioners and specialty doctors is provided. Similar projects are being carried out by the Company in other communities (Port Esquivel and Kirkvine).

Support for schools in local communities

The Company also responds to local school initiatives: for example, assisting in the acquisition of teaching aids (such as a multimedia projector), refrigerators and wall fans; funding is being allocated for the improvement of school meals and the provision of potable water.

In particular, water reservoirs were purchased for the secondary school of the Old Port of St. Catherine and the main school of Clapham in St. Ann, to ensure a supply of water in case of drought or disconnection of main water supply. The donations were made on the occasion of World Water Day.

WINDALCO also continues to develop sports programmes, supporting many sports competitions, such as cricket, soccer, ping-pong and chess.

Funding is also being channelled to the projects of non-profit and charitable organisations. In 2016, support was provided to the Jamaican Red Cross projects and the Enos Barrett Centre (services persons with disabilities), as well as to the Spanish Town Group for the initiative to combat violence against women.


In Guinea, UC RUSAL is one of the largest foreign investors, not only in bauxite production but also in the social sphere.

In May 2016, the Russian vaccine against the Ebola virus, GamEvac-Combi, was presented to the world in Geneva in the framework of the 69th WHO General Assembly Meeting. It was decided that  the Russian-Guinean scientific centre built by UC RUSAL would be used as a clinical base for the field trials of the vaccine. Please see details about cooperation in the area of Ebola fever in the Health and Safety section.

In addition, in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Compagnie des Bauxites de Kindia, a children's drawing competition, a sports festival and a gala event were organised with the participation of the minister of mines and geology of Guinea, diplomas and valuable gifts were presented to the best employees.


RUSAL Aughinish alumina refinery is located on a peninsula in the countryside. There are several small towns nearby, where inhabitants are more or less linked to bauxite mining. The Company wants to maintain good relations with them based on respect and ethics. Projects are being carried out mainly to address local problems.



Sports and leisure

Support for local (national) amateur game clubs by assisting in the organisation and implementation of various fund-raising activities. Activities are quite different: it could be a national dance night or a fundraiser to buy special caps to protect the heads of children when they play the national game of kurling


Art and culture


Every year, the Company helps organise the festival of modern art in the local village, as well as to collect funds for the Museum of Culture. In 2016, with the support of the Company, an illustrated book was also published on the birds that nest in the backyards of the local residents.The ongoing project is support for local radio



The company pays considerable attention to the development of education in local communities.

In 2016, two notable educational initiatives were organised. One of them, Environ 2016, included a seminar for environmental experts at the University of Limerick. A similar seminar was held at the Limerick Institute of Technology, to which second-level students from more than 20 local schools were invited



The Company supports the actions of local volunteer groups that promote a culture of purity in settlements and create an aesthetic environment so that villages and towns can participate in the national competitions of cities and villages


The volunteer river rescue team receives regular support.

The Company also organises the annual charitable 10km race and 8km pedestrian walk for the employees on natural paths created by the Company. Collected donations are used for charity


Since the beginning of its operations in Guyana in 2005, UC RUSAL implemented a permanent social investment programme.

During the years of operation in the country, Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI, a joint company of UC RUSAL and the government of Guyana) has established a power and water infrastructure in its area of operation, as well as the possibility of receiving television programmes. The Company supports the proper state of local roads by using its own equipment and materials for this purpose.

The bauxite mine is located in the interior of the country, where the indigenous people of the American Indian Hururu live. The Company has entered into a long-term land lease agreement with the local tribes and has been providing social assistance every year.

As part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Guyana's independence in May 2016, the Company made a major financial contribution to the organisation of the Anniversary Festival of Culture, Music and Fashion. In response to an appeal from the authorities, the Company also helped to organise the celebration of the 100th anniversary of bauxite production in Guyana. BCGI has ensured the publishing of a commemorative magazine, a series of commemorative postage stamps and a seminar with the top leadership of the country. The celebration took place in October 2016 in the city of Linden, in which more than 10,000 employees of the industry and local residents participated.

Social programmes and charitable actions strengthen the Company's positive relationship with local residents and authorities.



Support for indigenous people

In 2016, the Company supported the organization of the month of cultural heritage of the indigenous people, and carried out charitable actions for the secondary school in the Hururu village, including sports equipment and tabletop games.


Financial support is provided on an ongoing basis to the kindergarten and the primary school in Aroaima, where the children of local employees and students from neighbouring communities are taught. Five teachers received a scholarship from the Company, and the students who are the winners of the annual school competition received memorable gifts. The Company also rented vehicles and provides fuel to ensure the delivery of 115 pupils to and from school both by land and water.

UC RUSAL continues to fund an international scholarship project, in which a group of Guyana youth was enrolled in one of the best Russian universities – People's Friendship University of Russia.

Development of mass sports

The Company is a permanent sponsor of sports competitions, such as the Mini Olympiad, the soccer and cricket competitions, to which the teams of residents from the neighbouring settlements are invited. The Company supported participation of the Aroaima cricket team in the regional championship.