UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2016



In order to meet the objectives, set by UC RUSAL as part of the provision of health, industrial and fire safety for its employees, the Company carries out a range of HSE actions. G4-EMS, HKEx Appendix 27 KPI В2.3

Plans for improvement and enhancement of working conditions are being developed and approved by the top management of all production facilities. Such plans include the development and implementation of actions to reduce harmful and hazardous production factors in the workplace, and the determination of responsible and deadlines. Plans are being negotiated with trade unions.

The Russian sites of the Company's production facilities, in accordance with the requirements of Russian law, carry out a special assessment of working conditions (hereinafter the special assessment). An internal document has been issued, namely the regulation on organisation and conduct of a special assessment of working conditions at the production facilities of the Company located in the Russian Federation, which takes into account the specifics of certain production sites of the Company.

In 2016, special assessment was carried out in 31 business units of UC RUSAL, the working conditions were assessed at 4,994 workplaces, and the inspection covered 12,118 employees.

In general, the Company has assessed all workplaces taking into account the prior appraisal of the workers (valid before the expiration of its term). The assessment process identified, inter alia, occupations with high risk of injury and incidence of disease. G4-LA7

Occupations with high risk of injury

Occupations with high risk of incidence of disease

          stope miner

          anode operator in aluminium production

          casting operator of non-ferrous metals

          cell operator of molten salts

          maintenance technician

          electrical fitter


        electric and gas welder

          cell operator of molten salts

          crane operator

          casting operator

          assembler of cell repair


        operator of operating console

The Company's production facilities are continuously undertaking activities aimed at reducing the level of industrial injuries and accidents, improving working conditions and reducing the risk of occupational diseases of the workers.

Work is carried out in three main areas:

        internal and external audits, design and implementation of corrective actions;

        implementation of divisional programmes to reduce injury rate and risk of occupational diseases;

        implementation of annual action plans to improve the working conditions of workers.

Taking into account the fact that the main cause of industrial injuries is the misconduct of employees in the framework of compliance with HSE requirements, the Company conducts comprehensive behavioural safety audits.

Target projects

The following programmes have been implemented at certain Company's production facilities in addition to annual injury reduction programmes:

        “Chess” Board is the project that aims at minimising hazardous production factors, it provides for early identification of problem areas, risk calculation, prevention of possible accidents;

        “Safe Mine” is the project to reduce the risks resulting from the rockfall;

        standardisation of workplaces in the Company's current production system;

        comprehensive programmes to reduce injuries and risk of occupational diseases at the production facilities of the aluminium division;

        detection, registration and removal of hazardous situations and the prevention of hazardous activities at the Volgograd aluminium smelter;

        safety of pedestrians and technological transport.

Development and implementation of safety-enhancing equipment and technology

In order to reduce the share of manual labour, introduce equipment and technology that improves work safety at the production facilities of the Aluminium Division, the Russian Engineering Company develops and organises the production of own diesel processing equipment.The cost of such equipment by 30 to 40% less than its imported analogues.

For several years, the Improvement of the Year competition has been held at the Company's production facilities to improve production and business processes. One of the four nominations, 'Safety', focuses on employee projects aimed at improving working conditions and securing safe working practices.

Since 2016, the employees who perform work on high voltage electrical installations record all their actions with a DVR. The video then allows analysing the correctness of operation, detect errors and violations.

At the Company's production facilities, in accordance with the requirements of the law, special harnesses have been introduced to reduce injuries in the performance of work at heights.