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General information about the Report

This Sustainable Development Report of UC RUSAL (hereinafter the Report) reflects the main results of the Company's sustainable development management activities for the period from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, and describes management approaches, activities and results achieved. G4-28 

The previous report was published in 2016 and set out the results of the Company's operations in 2015. The Company publishes sustainable development reports annually. Electronic versions of sustainable development reports are published on the corporate website of UC RUSAL: http://sr.rusal.ruG4-29, G4-30

The report has been prepared in accordance with the 'core' version of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) of G4 version.G4-15, G4-32

The process of identification of material aspects

The definition of the content of the Report and the selection of material aspects are based on materiality analysis procedure, which includes the following steps. G4-18

1. Compilation of a complete list of topics that can be reflected in the Report based on:

          analysis of issues raised by the stakeholders within regular business processes (including direct requests by business partners); and

          review of press publications.

2. The rating of sustainable development aspects by means of:

          survey of external and domestic stakeholders. (222 persons participated in the questionnaires, including 120 employees of UC RUSAL and 102 representatives of key stakeholders, including from foreign countries (9 persons) – please see the chart below);

          review of material aspects identified by the international and Russian companies of the mining and metallurgical industry;

          issues recognised as materials by industry associations (ASI Standard);

          content of key sustainable development ratings; and

          opinions of the participants in the working group on non-financial reporting of UC RUSAL.

3. Adoption of the list of material aspects by the participants of the working group on non-financial reporting.

Participants of the 2016 survey



In order to compensate for the difference in the number of participants in the survey from staff and external stakeholders, the average score is displayed for each topic. In accordance with the results of the questionnaire, a ranking of topics by the degree of importance, reflecting the location of each topic, taking into account the two estimates, and the materiality matrix were prepared. 15 topics in the upper right quadrant were classified as material. Since the representatives of external stakeholders participated in the survey in 2016, the positions of a number of topics have changed considerably:


Material aspects of the Report and the boundaries of the aspects G4-19


Material topic

Section of the Report

Within the boundaries of the Company 

Outside the Company 

Specific standard reporting elements

Economic category

Economic performance

About the Company / Quality Management System / UC RUSAL Business System


Environmental category

Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Climate change

Compliance with the law

Corporate governance system. Internal control (compliance procedures)

Water use

Emissions of pollutants

Discharges and wastes

Water resources

Air emissions

Water resources / Waste


Total expenditure and investment in environmental protection

Investments in environmental protection


Products and services

QMS development. Scientific and technological development



About the Company


Social category




Labour practices and decent work subcategory

Health and safety in the workplace

Supply chain


Staff structure and personnel movement


Training and education

Education and development


Human rights subcategory

Human rights

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Ethics and human rights

Social partnership


Programmes for local communities

Investing in community development


Fighting corruption

Code of Ethics and ethics officers


Reporting boundary

The reporting perimeter includes the main production facilities of UC RUSAL located inside and outside Russia (please see table below).

Reporting perimeter G4-17

Business unit

In the Russian Federation

Outside the Russian Federation

Aluminium Division

Bratsk aluminium smelter

Novokuznetsk aluminium smelter

Irkutsk aluminium smelter

Nadvoitsy aluminium smelter

Krasnoyarsk aluminium smelter

Sayanogorsk aluminium smelter

Kandalaksha aluminium smelter

Khakas aluminium smelter

KUBAL (Sweden)


Alumina Division

Achinsk alumina refinery

Bogoslovsk aluminium smelter

Urals aluminium smelter

Timan Bauxite

North Urals Bauxite Mine

Aughinish Alumina (Ireland)

Windalco (Jamaica)

Bauxite Company of Guyana (Guyana)

Friguia bauxite and alumina complex (Guinea)

Compagnie des Bauxites de Kindia (Guinea)

Mykolayiv alumina refinery (Ukraine)

New Projects Directorate

Powder Metallurgy-Volgograd

Powder Metallurgy-Krasnoturyinsk

Powder Metallurgy-Shelekhov

Kremny, Silicon Ural etc



Packaging Division


Ural Foil

Sayana Foil


Data preparing

The data sources are from the official reporting forms that are provided annually to the state statistics authorities and the data from the management records. There were no reformulations of the indicators for the reporting period. G4-22. Scope and boundaries of reporting: the boundaries for a number of human resources management indicators have been extended, and statements have been made in the text of the Report. G4-23. Financial performance is based on IFRS consolidated financial statements. The main indicators are shown in three-year dynamics.

The data presented in the Report is verified by the specialised units of UC RUSAL, the approval procedure for the Report implies the participation of the members of the Executive Committee. G4-48


No external acknowledgment of non-financial reporting was performed. G4-33

Contact data G4-31 

Postal & Mailing Address: Russia, 121096, Moscow, ul. Vasilisy Kozhinoy 1, marked '2016 Sustainable Development Report'
 E-mail: CSR@rusal.ru

Fax: + 7 (495) 745-70-46