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General information about the Report

This UC RUSAL Sustainability Report (the Report) covers the main results of the Company’s sustainable development activity for the period starting from 1 January to 31 December 2015. It includes management approaches, events and the results achieved on the relevant aspects. G4-28

The previous report was published in 2015 and it contained the results of the Company’s activity during 2014. The Company strives to publish sustainability reports every year. Electronic versions of the reports are published on the corporate website of UC RUSAL: http://sr.rusal.ru. G4-29, G4-30

The report is made in accordance with the primary version of G4 GRI (Global Reporting Initiative — GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. G4-15, G4-32

Procedure to determine material aspects

The procedure for deciding the Report’s content and the limits of aspects covered is based on the analysis of materiality which includes the following stages. G4-18

1. Creating a full list of topics to be disclosed in the Report, based on:

- analyzing the issues raised by stakeholders on topics relating to regular business processes (including direct requests from business partners);

- reviewing publications in media.

2. Rating sustainable development aspects based on:

- interviewing of external and internal stakeholders. (174 persons, including 102 employees of UC RUSAL and 72 representatives of the key stakeholders took part in the interviews. According to the results of this survey, 14 aspects were recognized as the most material whilst 10 more aspects were considered to be of interest.

- a review of material aspects determined by international and Russian companies specialized in the mining and smelting industry;

- the issues recognized as material by industry associations (ASI standard);

- content of the key rating data in the area of sustainable development;

- opinion of members of the UC RUSAL Nonfinancial Reporting Working Group.

3. Approval of the list of material aspects at the meetings of the Nonfinancial Reporting Working Group. 14 aspects have been recognized as being most material (see the table below).

Material aspects of the Report and limits of coverage G4-19



Coverage by the Report

Inside the Company

Outside the Company


Economic performance



Ethics and management

Human rights

Approval of the Business Partner Code

QMS development in the supply chain



Water use

Pollutant emissions

Company initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Effluents and waste

Products and services

Compliance with the requirements of laws in the area of environmental protection

Health and safety of consumers

Total costs and investment for environmental protection















Sub-category "Labor Practices and Decent Work"


Health and safety at workplaces 

Employee training and development



Local communities, including charitable programs for foreign assets

Compliance with legal requirements







Reporting boundaries

The reporting boundaries include the main enterprises of UC RUSAL located in Russia and abroad (see the table below).

Reporting boundaries G4-17


Inside the RF

Outside the RF

Aluminium Division

Bratsk AS

Irkutsk AS

Krasnoyarsk AS

Kandalaksha AS

Novokuznetsk AS

Nadvoitsky AS

Sayanogorsk AS

Khakas AS


Alumina Division

Achinsk AR

Bogoslovsk AS

Uralsk AS

Timan Bauxite

North Urals Bauxite Mine

Aughinish Alumina (Ireland)

Windalco (Jamaica)

Bauxite Company of Guyana (Guyana)

BAR "Friguia" (Guinea)

Bauxite Company of Kindia (Guinea)

Nikolaev AR (Ukraine)

New Projects Division

Zaporozhye AS

Volkhov AS

Volgograd AS

Nadvoitsky AS

Polevskoy Cryolite Plant


SUAL – Kremniy

SUAL Volgograd Powder Metallurgy

SUAL Krasnoturyinsk Powder Metallurgy

SUAL Shelekhov Powder Metallurgy

South Urals Cryolite Plant

Yaroslavl Ore Mining Company


Kubal (Sweden)


Packaging Division



Urals Foil

Sayana Foil


Data preparation

The data sources are official reporting forms which are submitted to the state bodies of statistics every year and management accounting reports.


No rewording of the indicators was carried within the reporting period. G4-22. Coverage and limits of reports were also not changed. G4-23. Financial indicators are given on the basis of the consolidated financial statements according to the IFRS. The key indicators are shown over the three years.

Verification of the data presented in the Report is carried out by specialized units of UC RUSAL, the approval procedure for the Report is fulfilled with participation of the members of the Management Board. G4-48


External assurance of the nonfinancial reporting was not secured. G4-33

Contacts G4-31

Mailing address: 1, Vasilisy Kozhinoy str., Moscow 121096, Russia

with the note: Sustainability Report 2015


fax: + 7 (495) 745-70-46