UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2016

Incentive System

Motivation and remuneration

Main results in 2016

In 2016, the following significant activities were carried out:

          the procedures for rewarding the Company’s employees who received corporate awards from the production facilities, state and departmental awards and for those who participated actively in social activities, were regulated;

          system of material incentives has been developed for employees to increase productivity and efficiency of production;

          improved goal-setting system;

          collective bargain agreements have been renewed with trade union organisations for the period from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019.


UC RUSAL ensures its employees a stable and competitive salary and provides an expanded social package. The amount of remuneration paid to a worker depends on the level of skill and performance, the complexity of the work performed and the tasks to be solved, as well as the overall performance of the Company.

Salary consists of a fixed and variable part and is adjusted with due regard to the growth of the consumer price index and the local labour market conditions.

The Company uses motivational systems that encourage the efficient labour of the employees: bonuses from the fund of the head of the production facility, year-end bonuses, rewarding of theemployees involved in the implementation of production system development projects and projects of improvement of the production technology, rewarding employees who have received corporate awards, state and departmental awards, and for those who actively participate in the social projects of the production facilities.

Salaryis adjusted annually: the monthly salary of employees of the production facilities in Russia and the CIS is increased every six months by the amount of adjustment.

Average salary at the Company's production facilities in 2016, USD/RUR G4-EC5 (part)

Company total


Foreign countries

USD 942

RUR 63,180

USD 879

RUR 58,938

USD 1081

RUR 72,503

Minimum wage

Subject to the performance by the employee’s job duties and the completion of the monthly work time balance, the minimum wage shall be set at not less than 1.5 times the subsistence level of the working population in the relevant constituent entity of the Russian Federation. For other employees, the minimum wage is equal to at least 1.3 times the subsistence level of the working population established at the federal level.

 Share of employees (including managers and specialists) assessed in 2016, % G4-LA11

Company total


Foreign countries





Plans for 2017


In 2016, the following significant activities were carried out:

          developed a system of motivation to improve the quality of output;

          developed a system of motivation for staff with high potential for development;

          elaborated a system of motivation to develop innovative thinking and activities;

          ensured the introduction of the 'employee's personal account' at the pilot production facilities of the Company.