UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2015



The Company has a programme to attract new and retain existing employees in its enterprises. In this regard the Company makes use of an integrated approach, which includes career guidance for schoolchildren, interaction with specialized higher and secondary educational institutions, search for the desired qualifications from employees in international markets, as well as training and motivation of the available personnel.

The Company adheres to standardized approach in the selection of staff at all enterprises, regardless of the country of location. The basis used for the recruitment system evaluates competencies and personal characteristics of the applicant. The selection includes testing of skills and capability to cope with the tasks, which helps to determine future professional suitability of the candidate. All candidates, regardless of the position for which they are applying, must undergo a job interview in person in each country of RUSAL presence / [in person in the country in which they are applying].


The open policy of workers employment has a positive effect on the external labor markets, given the large number of projects implemented by the Company which require specialists in different fields.


Relations with educational institutions

In order to create an external talent pool, UC RUSAL cooperates with educational institutions that offer professional training of specialists in the mining and metallurgical sector. The Company will continue to adhere to the system of dual education in the future. Dual education presupposes that students apart from studying at high schools or colleges, also study at enterprises.

The following programs were implemented in the reporting period:

·         Targeted student recruitment programs and scholarship programs;

·         International educational programs.

Targeted student recruitment programs

For several years the Company has been implementing a targeted student recruitment program aimed at providing its enterprises with the trained personnel (talent pool) of qualified young engineers and mid-level specialists. More than RUB 6 million is spent on this programme each year.

The programme enables school graduates to apply to participate in the programme and receive training at universities on core areas of expertise for the Company and to subsequently take up employment at UC RUSAL enterprises after they graduate from the university. The training programme includes an in-depth study of general educational subjects and additional disciplines, research work, as well as classes at the Company enterprises on occupational health and safety, UC RUSAL’s production system, and the Corporate Code of Ethics. In addition to the theoretical basis, students receive on-the-job training at the enterprises. Upon completion of their studies, the young specialists must work for at least three years at the enterprises of UC RUSAL in their respective cities.

In 2015 the number of students undergoing the targeted recruitment programs in the cities ofKrasnoyarsk, Sayanogorsk, Kamensk-Uralsky and Severouralsk and on the program as a whole doubled.

Students studying under the Targeted recruitment programmes

Educational establishments

Number of students



Siberian Federal University
(students from the cities of Krasnoyarsk and Sayanogorsk)



Irkutsk State Technical University
(students from the cities of Bratsk and Irkutsk)



Ural Federal University
(students from the cities of Kamensk-Uralsky and Severouralsk)



Siberian State Industrial University
(students from the city of Novokuznetsk)



Ural State Mining University
(students from the city of Severouralsk)



Каменск Kamensk-Uralsky Polytechnic College
(students from the city of Kamensk-Uralsky)



Krasnoyarsk Industrial-Metallurgical College
(students from the city of Krasnoyarsk)






UC RUSAL awards scholarships to talented and capable students who play a proactive role in scientific and technical activities at their educational institutions. Potential candidates are nominated by the heads of their educational institutions. In addition to scholarships of up to RUB 5,000 a month (depending on academic performance), students are also guaranteed payment of dormitory expenses for the entire period of their studies, reimbursement for travel expenses to and from their place of residence and place of practical training at a plant.

In total, 27 educational institutions participate in the programme, including HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). For five years, HKUST with the support of RUSAL has hosted presidential conferences, which cover a number of issues including those that address the acute aspects and perspectives of the industry. Dan Shechtman, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, made his speech at the conference in 2015.

In 2015, the programme welcomed three new members: the Irkutsk Technical College for Aviation and Material Processing, the Achinsk State College for Industry Technology and Business and the Severouralsk Polytechnic School.

Students of the first recruitment year of the scholarship programme are about to complete the third year of studies at the Siberian Federal University, and then begin writing their graduate theses.

International Training Programme for students from Guinea, Guyana and Jamaica

UC RUSAL continues to implement an international educational programme for young people from Guinea, Guyana and Jamaica. Under this programme 100 students aged between 18 and 25 study at leading Russian higher education institutions – Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow State University of Railways Engineering, Siberian Federal University, Ural Federal University and Ural State Mining University. In 2015, the Siberia Federal University in Krasnoyarsk enrolled 25 students from Jamaica to study in fields such as "Mining" and "Alumina Production".

The Company covers all expenses related to studies and accommodation, provides studetns with on-the-job training at its enterprises in Russia, and guarantees them employment at UC RUSAL enterprises in their native countries after graduation.

In 2015, the students from Guinea from previous recruitment programs (21 persons) passed their training at Middle Timan Bauxite Mine, where they explored pit mining, geology, mining machinery, and other topics.


Staff for BoAZ

The Boguchansky Aluminium Smelter (BoAZ) is one of the world’s largest and is the most modern aluminum smelter in Russia. The new, highly automated production requires more qualified personnel and provides a unique opportunity for aspiring professionals and workers.

For commissioning of the first phase, the Company planned to attract 840 employees, of which 725 were workers. In the future, the production will need about 3,500 employees, in this regard the residents of Boguchansky district and other districts of the Krasnoyarsk territory will have certain advantages in terms of employment.

At the time of the report, the first phase of the plant has been fully staffed, with 73% of employees being local residents. Nearly half of the newly employed specialists are metallurgists from other aluminium smelters of RUSAL (Irkutsk, Sayanogorsk and Bratsk), who already know the specificities of this area of production.

In order to attract employees to the new facility, the Company produced information on the plant and the conditions of employment on the internal corporate portal and established a "direct line" for workers to send their questions.

Conditions / [infrastructure] has been established so as to allow workers to move to a new place of work with their families. Housing construction in Taezhny village is scheduled for completion in 2016. Schools and kindergartens will also be built.

Parts for houses have already been commissioned. The apartments are fully equipped with furniture and household appliances. Prospective employees will also receive compensation for relocation costs and utilities.

Internal talent pool

The Talent Pool Programme is aimed at achieving the most important strategic goal of UC RUSAL, the implementation of which is supervised by the major shareholders – ensuring the reserve of professional and highly qualified staff for all management positions.

High requirements are set for managerial staff: each candidate must be highly qualified in his/her professional field, must have clear motivation, understanding of different areas of the Company’s activities, strive for professional development and maintain mobility.

The Company has approved a list of key positions which have a maximum impact on the effectiveness of the Company. These positions are assessed to determine the risk of vacancy occurrence, the scale of competencies has been developed, which allows the Company to determine the readiness level of a candidate to work on higher-level positions. Individual development plans have already been drawn up. For middle and lower level reserves (for the positions of line managers), the Company also determines the requirements and plans to evaluate this category of workers.

In addition to the "vertical" development for workers of RUSAL, there is also "horizontal" movement: the Internal Competition programme grants employees the right to rotate among the Company’s enterprises. Information on vacancies is published regularly on the internal information portal.

22 employees were invited for higher managerial positions from the staff reserve in 2015.

Labor pool capacity




Number of employees