UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2016

Social Security

Social support

Main results in 2016

The terms of the Branch tariff agreement for the mining and metallurgical complex of the Russian Federation, as well as collective bargain agreements in place at the production facilities, were fully complied with.

UC RUSAL provides a wide range of social benefits, both statutory and auxillary, including to family members. The following benefits provided within the social package in addition to the statutory benefits, are the most relevant to the employees: G4-LA2, HKEx Appendix 27 KPI B1

          provision of free meals for each shift of workers;

          possibility to engage in sports and participate in sporting events;

          obtain  on a preferential basis vouchers for health resort treatment and rehabilitation in sanatoriums and medical centres located in the Russian Federation (for the employees and their families);

          obtsin of voluntary medical insurance policies, which allow the employees to use a wide range of out-patient polyclinic and in-patient care services;

          celebration of anniversaries of the production facilities, Day of the Metal Industry and other occasions (for the employees and their families); and

          annual New Year celebrations and gifts for children of the employees.

In 2017, the budget for the social programme was adjusted by 6% in terms of the basic expenses affected by inflation (increased food subsidy, cost of travel vouchers for the employees and their children, cost of mass cultural events) to maintain the real content of social support for the employees.

Number of employeesthat used social programme benefits in 2016, persons     RSPP index



Foreign countries

Voluntary medical insurance



Non-state pension insurance



Assistance in the acquisition of housing


Rehabilitation programmes



Financial assistance, including one-time support upon retirement



Costs of collective bargaining commitments in 2016, RUR. RSPP index

Types of costs


Foreign countries

     Salary adjustment

     Discount vouchers for health resort treatment

     Financial assistance upon retirement

     Financial assistance to employees and unemployed retirees of the production facility

     Cultural and sports events

     Transportation of workers to/from work

     Provision of quality free meals to the workers

     Mandatory and periodic medical examinations, medical insurance

     Compensatory payments under the housing purchase programme

   Awards and other incentive payments



Social programmes over and above collective bargain agreements in 2016, RUR G4-LA2

Types of costs


Foreign countries

Providing free vouchers to employees in the Imeretinsky resort area (Sochi)



Occupational medicine

In the area of labour medicine, the Company aims to reduce the number and duration of absenteeism of the frequently sick employees, as well as number of occupational diseases and deaths due to ill health (including cardiovascular disease), prevention of HIV/AIDS and other dangerous diseases. For more information please see Work Safety section.