UC RUSAL Sustainability report 2015

Social Security

Social Security

UC RUSAL offers employees an employment benefits package which is required by labor laws, as well as additional benefits, such as meal allowances, travel to and from work, vouchers for adults to health and recreational resorts, vouchers for workers’ children to addend junior camps, sports activities, and cultural events, etc. G4-LA2

In accordance with the proposals made by the workers' representatives on the Social Council, the Company increased the number of vouchers for the children of workers to childrens activity camps in 2015.

Medical services programme G4-LA2

The programme offers outpatient, inpatient care and dental services for employees, and the preventative treatment for occupational diseases. In addition, the Company has a Medical Centers, which house medical rooms at industrial sites fitted with the equipment that enables a wide range of medical services to be provided to employees.

Sports programmes and events

The Company offers favourable tariffs for sports activities in fitness centers and participation in corporate sports events.

Cultural events

The Company celebrates Metalworker's Day and the Birthday of the Company, New Year, childrens creative works and photography competitions.